training_roomIn today’s world of cost savings, you might be asking yourself, should I be spending critical income on training or can we do with out it?

In any company learning and development are key aspects of sustained organizational performance and not just tools for HR. Creating an effective learning strategy is never more crucial than in times of constrained finance, restructuring and redundancies.

Such an approach incorporates constant evaluation of the plan aligned to the organization’s strategy and goals, which is achieved through consistent staff skills upliftment.

To up skill staff, training is an essential and integral part of your business. We all learnt the statement from a very young age that ‘Knowledge is Power’. Knowledge does not only empower the individual but also the business, with that individual’s enhanced input. The most important aspects in modern day training is to understand what the company does and how they need to implement knowledge to deliver a successful outcome. Success equates to profit which every company wants at the end of the day.

Training in the Legal Software Industry

In a specialized industry such as “conveyancing”, technology has had an immense influence on process improvements. Not too long ago a secretary only had to use a type writer and produce documents for the conveyancer to sign. Today many software applications are used to capture data, produce documents and update the stakeholders involved. The challenge conveyancing firms now face is the fact that secretaries need to know how to effectively use all these systems from a technical perspective as well as understand the procedural requirements.

What makes an effective training session?

  • A combination of three essentials i.e. system training, theoretical training and motivational training. One of the greatest trends in training has been the incorporation of Psychology. This ensures that people who attend training sessions understand where best to apply their greatest personal assets.
  • Another wonderful method which has been made possible through technology is the ability to do hands on training where delegates are able to log onto systems and work on their own files. This is extremely effective from a visual and experience perspective.
  • Sessions need to stimulate the majority of your senses i.e. sight, smell, touch and sound. Once an individual is fully involved and challenged to keep thinking, the absorption levels are exceptionally high.
  • Assessments are critical to the rounding off of any training. This is an evaluation which is done to not only prove to the delegate that systematic learning has taken place but also as an indication to the trainers that their methods are effective and working well. It also highlights areas of concern which can then be worked on.

The power of training is limitless and should be seen as essential in any business. The age old proverb “You reap what you sow” emphasizes this.

Contributed by Julie Anley
National Training Manager of L@W Active


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