gableWe would like to introduce you to a new subscription website for attorney firms practising criminal law, It intends to become the premier resource for attorneys practising criminal law in South Africa.

The features:

  • A search engine to instantly locate a criminal defence attorney in South Africa.
  • Free and updated Criminal Law Legislation, including the Criminal Procedure Act. This is provided in association with Sabinet, who update the legislation as required. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A SUBSCRIBER TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE LEGISLATION!
  • Frequently asked questions and answers intended for members of the public. The FAQ are also available in Afrikaans version.
  • Subscription is only R100 per month per law firm (plus R4,50 debit processing fee). NO CONTRACTS.

This website will be widely promoted over time, so please come look and subscribe! We are also , for a limited period, offering subscribers 2 months FREE SUBSCRIPTION. Your debit order wont be processed for the first 2 months. Also see our monthly classified advertisment in The Yellow Pages of De Rebus.

We are of course also here to answer any questions.

Contributed by:
Chris van der Maas
Criminal Lawyers Directory
072 0275831


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