blackberry-imgAre You Losing Precious Hours of Your Life by Not Making the Most of Your BlackBerry? Unleash the hidden productivity power of your mobile device to increase efficiency, regain control, reduce stress, and put time back in your pocket! If you have 10-24 people in your company who would like to use their BlackBerry more efficiently to get their work done easier and faster, we can arrange an in-house session for you at your premises.

How Important is Your BlackBerry?

The purpose of having a BlackBerry is to improve your productivity. But is it getting the job done?

Cell phones and “smart phones” have become an integral part of our lives – we can hardly remember a time without them. Many users feel they can’t get through a single day without their “CrackBerry” fix!

The mobile provides the freedom to work from anywhere, but being untethered from the office has repurcussions for all aspects of our lives. If you already think your BlackBerry has you on a short leash, listen to this:

* 86 percent of corporate business users now work from more than one place, according to a Vodafone survey

* 90 percent of business users make work-related phone calls outside of office hours

* 75 percent respond to work-related e-mail no matter when it arrives, even on holidays and in movie theaters

* 15 percent start calling, texting or e-mailing the moment they get out of bed!

What do these figures tell us? You will probably be spending more time in the future interacting with your BlackBerry, not less.

Every minute you can save by working more efficiently on your BlackBerry is a minute back in your life, to use at your discretion. The more features and capabilities you put into use (and the more you customise it to your particular needs), the more efficient you will be. You’ll get things done faster and increase your productivity in hundreds of ways you never thought possible.

Workshop dates and venues (open workshop)

Johannesburg: 20 October 2010, Benvenuto, Randburg
Cape Town: 13 October 2010, FTI House, Kenilworth
Durban: 23 November 2010. Kingfisher, Mt Edgecombe

Should your preferred date be fully booked when we receive your application we will let you have the dates for our next workshops. Registration is at 08:30 and we finish at 13:00, after which we hope you will stay and enjoy a complementary lunch.

Please note that workshop details as well as directions will be sent to you a week before the workshop.

Registration fees (open workshop) (Please note that all fees exclude VAT):

1-2 seats: R1500 per person
3-5 seats: R1425 per person
6+ seats: R1350 per person
Early Bird Discount (open workshop)

Should you book and pay by Friday 8 October we are happy to offer you a 7.5% discount.

Contributed by:

Gerrit Cloete
Productivity Pit Stop
Dedicated to putting time back in your pocket
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