mimecast_logoJohannesburg – 2 November 2011 – Mimecast ®, the leading supplier of cloud-based email archiving continuity and security for Microsoft Exchange, has implemented Unified Email Management (UEM) for international legal firm, Spoor & Fisher, to enable email archiving and intelligent spam filters.

Intellectual property law specialist, Spoor & Fisher, needed an email solution that was unified in its approach to message archiving, spam filtering and disaster recovery. Mimecast fitted this brief, with no hardware, software or staff training required. The cloud-based platform stores all internal and external email in a highly secure offsite archive, for a default period of ten years.

“We used to back up all our information, including emails, to tape. This was our only form of long-term email retention. Digging around for emails that had been saved to tape and put in storage was time consuming and very frustrating for all involved,” says Schmidt. “We also needed a flexible spam-filtering solution, as the nature of the business means that typical content-filtered spam words (such as ‘Viagra’) cannot be blocked,” continues Schmidt.

A fundamental part of email security is spam protection. Content filtering does not catch nearly enough unsolicited email to make the inconvenience of trawling through quarantine folders worthwhile. Mimecast’s advanced reputation-management techniques use connection-based analysis at national and international levels to ensure that emails are from legitimate servers. The result is 99.5% spam protection and 100% virus protection. The Mimecast digest function flags messages that may not be legitimate and sends a daily message asking the user to release or block emails, so there is no longer a need for the dreaded quarantine folder

“Mimecast charges by the number of users, offering companies predictable storage costs so they need never risk losing important data due to server, storage or budgetary constraints. This also prevents deletion by users or cases of employees hoarding emails in blocked files,” says Grant Hodgkinson, business director at Mimecast.

“Email equals productivity in the business world. We have definitely not looked back since implementing Mimecast. It is without a doubt the most financially justified solution or product the Spoor & Fisher IT Department has implemented,” concludes Schmidt.


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