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Get Law™( is an online legal services platform built by millennials for a South African consumer that is becoming more and more reliant on online services in this era of micro-transactions. The platform seeks to simplify law and enable anyone to access registered attorneys on-demand at a fraction of traditional law costs. The entire business is digital, and the savings as a result of not being burdened with the hassles of traditional SME expenses like large rental overheads etc, are passed onto their clients. 

How was it started?

This business was formed in the midst of Level 5 lockdown in South Africa. As a result of the impacts of COVID19 on the SA economy, a network of digital and legal professionals saw an opportunity to innovate and enable business services digitally, rather than be decimated by its impacts. COVID19 has had the biggest impact on global business digital transformation, and the Get Law team can attest to that. The business was founded and conceptualised in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic as many within the Get Law attorney networks were either struggling to work remotely needing to consult with clients, or simply out of contract as a result of retrenchments due to lockdown. The business idea of running a digital only service offering came after studying the local digital landscape and evaluating how other businesses were adapting. These included psychologist giving Zoom consultations, or cooking classes also running off virtual platforms. The opportunity to leverage off digital skills from one of the founders made this a complex concept but one that was fairly simple to execute. 

Giving back to those in need

The Get Law attorney were offering free COVID19 legal advice in their individual capacities as attorneys from the first week of lockdown in March 2020, but once the Get Law platform was launched officially online, they transferred this uncoordinated efforts to their online platform as a single consolidated effort. They publicised this offering via social media networks and influencers and have since had people take up this offer of free legal advice from across the country. As a truly e-commerce platform, clients simply needed to apply a promo code upon checkout to make use of the offer and get access to free legal advice by qualified and registered attorneys. Being in a position to be able to give back is a core value entrenched in the Get Law business philosophy.

Business traction so far

The number of clients the platform business has serviced since its launch in May 2020 has been encouraging. The demographics of clients ranged from 25 – 54 years of age, with predominantly African Black female in the lower-income band. Given the immediacy of access needed to legal advice, mobile visits accounts for over 90% of traffic, which is why a mobile-first development methodology was key from a technology perspective. Clients have utilised the platform for a variety of needs including business registration, retrenchment disputes, civil law cases etc. 

More about the business

As a start-up, funded purely by capital invested by the 2 founders, they’ve built a platform for their clients utilising some of the best digital skills in the country, coupled with a network of freelance legal professionals. There are currently 7 attorneys across South Africa linked to the backend of the platform. Each of their registered and qualified attorneys are and experienced in various legal matters such as civil litigation, labour and employment matters, ecommerce law, family law, company registrations etc. They offer completely digital legal consultations via chat, phone call or video-call. This has allowed us them to abide by the social distancing requirements whilst ensuring clients get access to the best possible legal advice wherever they are. 

The platform has no hidden or surprise costs, often associated with legal consultations. Clients simply select their product online, from an affordable 15 minute legal consultation to the drafting of complex legal contracts, and pay securely via credit card or EFT. Confidentiality is entrenched in the business philosophy, given the sensitivities around client privacy. Freelance attorneys who would also like to join the select panel are encouraged to submit their details to


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