LaW HoldingsLAW Holdings, LAW Compliance and LAW Data recently donated a total sum of R137, 000 to charity initiative, eDeaf. The deaf-owned, BEE company is an organisation that helps deaf adults to become more employable.

Historically, deaf adults have been marginalised because of their inability to communicate in a conventional way and the lack of suitable education available to them has meant that almost 60% have poor reading & writing skills.

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eDeaf strives to equip these individuals with the skills necessary to earn a living and to promote the understanding that these men and women are willing and capable to contribute to society.

eDeaf Managing director, Jesse Kotze explains: ‘The deaf community is often overlooked and the unemployment rate is alarmingly high. At eDeaf we rely on donations such as this to help us to grow the organisation. The generous contribution from LAW Property, LAW Compliance and LAW Data will go a long way to improving our facilities and thus giving many deaf adults the opportunity to find gainful employment.’

eDeaf’s bridging programme facilitated through workshops, focus on work ethic, how to add value to a business and how to manage a budget. Through this programme learners are made more employable. After an aptitude test, candidates are then grouped according to further training – either in the wholesale and retail environment; IT; ABET or business practices. The money that LAW Property, LAW Compliance and LAW Data have donated will assist in setting up and equipping eDeaf’s new IT training centre.

‘It’s of the utmost importance to us at LAW that we are able to use our good fortune for the furtherance of those who have not had the same opportunities. By donating money to this cause, we are able to improve the IT facilities at eDeaf which aligns perfectly with our core business. Lessons are taught through the medium of PCs, which means a costly set up. We hope that the money provided by LAW will help to lessen some of the financial strain on the organisation.’ Said LAW Group CEO, Luis Casaleiro.

Issued on behalf of: LAW Holdings


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