Grant Phillips

The acquisition of valuable, next generation clients has become a hot bed of innovation according to e4 CEO, Grant Phillips. In the wake of celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary, Phillips says one of the biggest evolutions over the past decade is the nature of the client relationship. He admits that technology lies at the heart of this transformation, driven by a tech savvy consumer demanding a personalized, near real time delivery of product and service.

“The customer’s unparalleled demand for world class User Experience (UX) is becoming as important, if not more so, as the ultimate solution you are selling. We still see lip service being paid to the urgency of digital enablement and a long overdue focus on UX in general. The arrival of very customer centric, entirely digital alternatives is making customer acquisition and retention much harder,” says Phillips. 

While organisations are often seen to be implementing piecemeal digital transformation strategies, UX is not aggressively prioritised and the consequences are often grave: “Organisations are at risk of becoming irrelevant for the ‘now’ generation of customers, who demand a frictionless UX, unless they embrace the importance of a world class digital interaction.”

The irony is not lost as Phillips says that the entire purpose and process of digital transformation is to ultimately add maximum focus and hence value to customer needs: “By forging a genuine digital relationship with a client base, you develop a valuable, sticky relationship. It enables you to interact in a personalised, real time way, offering the right product at the right time to an engaged consumer.”

According to global research, UX covers all stages of connection users have with the company, its products, and services through an amplification of usability. It’s the practice of providing right, relevant, impactful and meaningful experiences to the end users.

Phillips says that a true customer-first methodology and a genuine commitment to continually enhanced UX will guarantee that user needs are addressed with highly personalised offerings: “A seamless, intuitive UX ecosystem allows organisations to rapidly identify client wants and needs in an interactive way. When layered with data insights, this ultimately creates the capability to position bespoke offerings in front of engaged consumers at a time of their choosing.”


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