Tech4Law adding value to lawyers in southern africa

Tech4Law has been adding value to law firms in Southern Africa since 2008, delivering valuable practice management, technology and marketing information to law firms every week. Here is a quick reminder on what Tech4Law offers lawyers in our region…

More than 2400 informative articles
We gather, write, link to and summarise articles that we believe are relevant to the lawyers of Southern Africa.  Averaging 6 new articles a week. Sure, a good percentage of those are sourced internationally, but we like to ensure that the message is relevant to our local readers.

Free – Gratis – Nada – Zip
I would imagine that the fact that this newsletter and website are free for lawyers and legal market vendors, is a big plus 😉

416 Marketing and law firm business advice
Marketing is a relatively fresh aspect for law firms, we try to de-mystify the crucial aspect of marketing for law firms. As you can guess, it is little unique compared to mainstream business.

Law firm supplier listing
We list the contact details of the vendors who offer services to the law firms in South Africa.

Product matrix
We offer a listing of which products the law firms are using, so you can see who to speak to about an unbiased reference. 

Legal market vendors educate the market
Hardware and software vendors involved in the market talk about their new products, the exciting updates to their products and share practical examples of law firms implementing their systems to allow us to see more than just the salesman’s presentation. 

Humour section
We try to lighten your day most weeks by offering a joke for the week – sometimes with a legal slant but not always. In fact, we have more than 110 jokes in the humour section.

Read Tech4Law in most languages
We offer you Tech4Law in 103 different languages. Yip, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Shona and Swahili are supported.

Tech4Law is unique, there is no other publication offering practice management, technology and marketing information to the legal sector in Southern Africa.

Rave reviews
An attorney from Bellville in the Cape said this about our weekly newsletter, “I must congratulate you with these newsletters, they are extremely informative.” This compliment does not stand alone – it highlights the value our readers get from our content.

55 Million hits
In the last seven years, we have received 55 000 000 hits to the Tech4Law website – we believe this is due to our solid content that we offer the legal market.

Please share our publication with other lawyers. The more lawyers we reach, the more authors will contribute.  Ask fellow lawyers to click on the subscription link on the top left of the home page.


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