This is a copy of the email sent by Jan du Plessis on 17th February 2021 at 9:40am.

Subject: Electricity problem at Master’s Office

Dear Colleagues

Please note that there is currently a dispute between the landlord and Centlec in respect of the payment of the electricity bill for our building. As a result thereof the electricity to the Master’s Office has been cut at about 12:00 yesterday afternoon.

The landlord has promised that the situation would be rectified early today, but up to now the electricity has not yet been restored.

As a result of this we cannot at this stage respond to e-mails and telephone calls.

We have contingency plans in place to assist the public and Court papers can be served as normal.

As soon as the electricity has been restored I will inform you immediately.

For urgent matters I can be called on 083 379 5770 as I will also not be available on e-mail.

I would appreciate it if you could please inform your members accordingly.

Kind regards

Mr. J. A. du Plessis
Master of the High Court
Free State Division
Department of Justice and Constitutional Development
Tel:   051 – 411 5526  Fax: 051 – 448 6182


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