Practising law includes processing some personal information that you must protect. This means you need to be considering data protection and POPIA. All legal practitioners hold some information that identifies someone. They process personal information about their employees (like bank details), clients (like contact details), and other people relating to clients (like medical records) and their work. There are multiple laws that control how legal practitioners can process this information and it is important that you comply with them.

Managing and securing information is fundamental to lawfully processing personal information. Clients care about security, confidentiality, privacy, and privilege. Legal practitioners must get these important issues right in order to provide legal services their clients can trust.

Michalsons, a leader in data protection, is hosting a free webinar examining these issues.

More about the webinar. 


  • Lawfully process personal information in your practice.
  • Raise your awareness by knowing about the data protection laws that apply to legal practice.
  • Protect personal data quickly by finding out what data protection quick wins you can score.

Who should attend?

  • Attorneys or solicitors – they often process personal information as part of doing their work.
  • Advocates or barristers – they possibly process less personal information but still some.
  • Conveyancers – they process lots of personal information and the risks are huge.
  • Notaries – they also process personal information – think of an ANC.
  • Practice managers – if you are lucky enough to have one.

Who should not be attending?

This webinar is not for legal practitioners who advise their clients on how to comply with data protection laws. This webinar is also not for corporate counsel – they are better off working through our training for information officers.

It is also not for people who work in legal practices (like secretaries, assistants and receptionists) – they need different training.

Join the session on Friday, 27 August 2021 from 10:00 – 11:00. There is no charge to attend this webinar. Register

Please send any questions you have in advance so that we can prepare for the session.


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