Fee-Trac Mobile Billing

Lawyers are often overwhelmed by managing their daily admin and constantly find that they are losing revenue because they are unable to track their time. Lawyers work on the go and time and again, travel, phone calls, emails, attendances, and meetings are not accurately tracked and recorded. A significant amount of monthly fees is lost.

Legal Interact has recognised the mobile nature of work and the need for our lawyers to create billing opportunities. We have recently launched FeeTrac, a mobile time recording, diary management and billing platform designed for Attorneys who can benefit and access all information from their mobile phones, anywhere, anytime. FeeTrac is hosted on a secure Microsoft platform hosted in South Africa ensuring you are POPI compliant. 

FeeTrac turns your mobile phone into a powerful mobile Billing engine. Attorneys have saved thousands in lost revenue each month as fee recordings are automated and billings are precisely tracked. No more lost billings as FeeTrac automatically records and allocates all mobile calls, SMS messages and emails to Accounts and Matters, these all add up at the end of the month. Diary management is essential and, at a glance, all meetings for the day will be visible on your dashboard as the application is synced with your native calendar.  The travel function is very helpful and saves time spent trying to estimate distances, as travel is accurately recorded (Time and Mileage) to and from meetings. Record any attendance or disbursement at a touch of a button. A great benefit is being able to view and keep track of your daily billings by downloading an excel report of all activity… 

Attorneys have increased their billables by R40 000 to R50 000 per month simply by using FeeTrac. 

FeeTrac is available to our legal community with a free to download trial for 60 days. Maximise your billing potential and download the app today from Google Play store, Amazon and iTunes


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