Dynamic Connect Cost Recovery for law firms

Iposi Net was founded in 2004 in response to a rising demand from big business for meaningful software solutions. Since then, we’ve adapted with the changing technological landscape. Our ethos has however remained the same: to provide simple, and meaningful, software solutions. We are proud of our Level 1 BEE rating. 100% black woman owned, which means that our clients enjoy 135% procurement recognition.

Unique to Iposi Net in South Africa, Dynamic Connect is an innovative cost recovery solution designed primarily with law firms in mind.

Dynamic Connect is a comprehensive cost recovery tool for Print, Copy, Scan, Email, Phone, Time, and Sundries and integrates seamlessly with your practice and document management systems to accurately attribute out of pocket expenses to client invoices uniquely. With more accurate billing you’ll also maximize your revenue, work smarter not harder with Dynamic Connect.

We can streamline your processes so you can work smarter. Dynamic Connect significantly reduces task completion time and offers unmatched administrative support for your business. The ability to scan documents and billing sheets into a Document Management Solution has been enhanced to enable scanning via a mobile device. Scanning reduces costs on paper and printing. 

With local consultants and a local help desk with local phone numbers you can easily give us a call and join hundreds of satisfied customers who’ve already harnessed the power of Dynamic Connect. Ready to transform your firm take the first step towards practice prosperity? Connect with us today!

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Demonstration on the transaction manager in the below video:

Dynamic Connect: https://youtu.be/RgWnhymhXX0?si=f-9WqeiWdjt3G_8I


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