avidff_tablet_screensAVID, the developers of the well known “FireFly” legal costs calculator for smartphones, today announced a new version which supports the latest iPhone and Android devices.”Since 2003, AVID FireFly has been the de-facto standard for legal cost calculations in South Africa and the release of FireFly for iPhones and Android devices ensures that FireFly continues to run on ninety-nine percent of phones on the market,” said Barry Swart, CEO of AVID.

“For conveyancing law firms this means that their clients can perform cost calculations on a wide variety of cellphones, smartphones, tablet devices and PDAs such as the Apple iPad.  Firm-specific costs are easily updated and so the conventional tariff booklets become redundant,” he added.

Firm-branded copies of FireFly are currently being used by a large number of law firms across the country, as FireFly is extremely effective in building loyalty with bond originators, estate agents and property developers. These relationships can be fortified even further where law firms train their own clients in the use of FireFly.

To celebrate the launch of the new version, all Conveyancers are invited to get in touch with AVID and request their free licensed copy of AVID FireFly.


You can read more about FireFly here and law firms who are interested in improving their marketing through FireFly should call Barry on 0861 265-376.

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