Powerful feature enables users to apply redactions by individual party across multiple documents in an electronic bundle

CaseLines today announced that it has filed a patent application for a unique tool that enables differential redaction by sub-bundle for the legal industry. The redaction tool is included within the CaseLines cloud-based collaborative case document and multimedia management system.

The differential redaction tool saves CaseLines users an immense amount of time when preparing material for sharing as a case progresses. It gives them all the redaction tools they need to apply the right redactions in the case files presented to each party involved in the proceedings.

This powerful feature enables CaseLines platform users to group redactions within a case. This means that specified redaction categories can be applied to different sub-bundles within a case, depending on who is invited to read those sub-bundles. The redaction capabilities can be applied in two ways: single click-and-drag redactions; and automatic redaction of specified information made through document searches. This includes redacting anything that matches specified keywords, pages, patterns and fuzzy searches – such as phone numbers and social security numbers. Once these redaction rules are applied to sub-bundles, they are automatically applied to new documents uploaded to the sub-bundles.

“I truly believe this tool will change the lives of lawyers and paralegals. The tool delivers immense efficiency gains and a huge reduction in time-consuming legal administrative work. The complex issue of differential redaction is one we have been hearing about from the legal fraternity for some time. This patent application shows that CaseLines is unique in being able to deliver redaction in this flexible, productive and progressive way,” explains Paul Sachs, CTO and founder of CaseLines.

“It has been built upon CaseLines’ secure collaboration infrastructure, and there is no other platform in the world that has the appropriate infrastructure to bring this forward for the legal industry.”

Redaction of multiple bundles is an extremely onerous and time-consuming task, as not all bundles need to be redacted in the same way for all parties in a case. It can take days of effort to produce different versions of the same set of documents depending on the party. Redaction is extremely important in human-related cases, for example where the personal information of vulnerable witnesses is involved. It is also vital in commercial disputes where the confidentiality of revenue numbers and other financial data needs to be ensured.

This patent application announcement follows a previous announcement of a patent application for the use of blockchain within the CaseLines platform, to track the digital journey of legal documentation. CaseLines provides rich functionality for lawyers and judges in preparing for hearings and tribunals. The platform is cloud-based to enable secure collaboration between individuals across organisational boundaries.

About CaseLines   
CaseLines is the world’s most comprehensive platform for sharing documents and multimedia between justice agencies and legal teams for case preparation and courtroom presentation. Our solution enables cross-functional agencies to create a common platform for sharing of documents and multi-media without the need for costly integrations or replacing legacy systems. 
Police, prosecutors, lawyers, attorneys and barristers, and judges in civil and public law cases around the world use CaseLines. The platform supports over 40,000 users, who between them have conducted over 400,000 trials, with over 150 million pages of evidence. To learn more visit or follow us on twitter @CaseLines  


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