legalstorlegalSTOR is a legal firm BPM (Business Process Management) that has been developed and marketed by a joint venture between EcoOffice Solutions and Metrofile. This new system was launched in Pietermaritzburg on Friday.

dataSTOR implemented and supported by Metrofile, has been around for some time now and is used as a document management system in a number of large corporations, SA Home Loans as an example, stores and manages more than 12 million documents through the system.

Gartner research has revealed in recent survey results, that:
• 5-15% of our business time is taken up by reading material
• 50% of our time is used to find documents either electronically or physical files
• 7.5% of all documents get lost.
So there really does seem to be a need to control and manage documents.


legalSTOR BPM runs on this tried and tested document management database and takes the database capabilities to new heights.


legalSTOR has the following features:
1. Document Management System – dataSTOR
2. Workflow
3. Performance Management
4. Conformance to Rules in the firm
5. Straight through allows for background execution of transactions, barcodes and mail merges
6. Best Practices are enforced through templates and business processes.

Implementation of the system is done through their consultants based at the law firm over a number of days, obviously determined by the size of the firm. As you can imagine every firm’s processes and workflow will vary, so onsite customising is essential.


Training is reported to take 3.5 hours, which trains users enough to return to their office and start using the system effectively.


It is claimed that through the use of a BPM system, a firm will be 35% more productive and will increase revenue by 18%.

Integration to practice management systems is going to be addressed with the various suppliers in South Africa.

We look forward to the first white paper on the efficiency improvement through the implementation of the legalSTOR – please keep us posted.


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