absa_logoThe Regibond Module used for downloading ABSA instructions and making payment advices, will be terminated at the end of November 2009 . From 1 November your Vendor will download the instruction data from the ABSA Bond Centre, without the use of the RegiBond Module. The instruction data is necessary for the production of your ABSA documents that do not reside on the ABSA Bond Centre.

The ABSA Bond Centre will support capture of the payment details for the purposes of producing the Loan Debit Authority document via the ABSA Bond Centre. (ATP) The ABSA Bond Centre also supports milestone synchronization, allowing your milestones you have completed on the Bond Centre to be downloaded into your practice software packages or reporting systems. The month of November will be used for rollout and training, and to allow for Vendor Package updates. The RegiBond Module will still be supported for payments and instruction download until 30 November, after which payment advice may only be made via the Bond Centre. For more information contact salesman@lawactive.co.za or call them on 0860 877 877.


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