xpressdocsSouth African document assembly system, XpressDox has introduced a remarkably different new licensing model for its software both locally and internationally. “Potential users can download an unrestricted copy of the software from the XpressDox website. If they wish to use it non-commercially, they can do so absolutely free. However, if they intend using it for business purposes, they need to licence the software,” says Chris Pearson, director of XpressDox. “We realize that some people might abuse the situation, but we’re confident that most of the first world is legitimate when it comes to software licensing. Sure, there will be some piracy, but in our view the pirates would have been unlikely to purchase the software anyway. Besides, even pirates will help to spread the word.” At R1,50 per day per user, XpressDox is so affordable that it just doesn’t make sense for anyone to pirate it. XpressDox can be downloaded from http://www.xpressdox.com


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