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If you want to fast track redundancies and regain control of your workload then using a digital system gives secretarial teams the opportunity to control workload, prioritise urgent work and plan other tasks.

The Philips SpeechExec 10 integrated speech recognition is a pro dictation software that allows you to use the power of your voice. Not only does it provide the highest accuracy, thanks to its nuance professional integration, it also helps with managing the workflow. Secretaries can manage in half the time and make professionalism super sassy. The Philips SpeechExec offers the following:

Great filing – When a digitally recorded file is sent to a secretary, they should be able to tell who it was sent from, when it was recorded, and how long the recording time is. With Philips, you can accomplish all of this with its calendar search option. Files can be organized into sub folders, specific properties and comments. Voice files cannot be deleted or lost.

Prioritised recording – Additionally, prioritised recordings are easier to identify and movement between recordings is much faster with the workflow management and automation. Worklists help both authors and transcriptionists to monitor their work statuses. They save time used for unnecessary status update communication between parties.

The best of both worlds – With the integrated dictation recorder, authors can record directly into their SpeechExec software. The software works perfectly with Philips SpeechMike dictation microphones and allows for quick and easy control of all recording and playback functions such as insert, overwrite and append. Function buttons can be individually programmed for added user convenience.

Never run behind on work – Popup alerts for notification of new important tasks will have secretaries on top of their workload. They will never miss any important documentation. These notifications appear on the screen in real time with a discreet pop-up window. Service continuity is another added advantage because transcription continues during periods of secretarial absences such as annual, sick or maternity leave.

Talk instead of type –  Need we say more? All your emails and documents can be spoken into existence. It’s quite easy to use. With the Philips dictation microphones, you read the document and the words appear on your screen. You can edit as you speak if need be. You can also add your own custom vocabulary to increase recognition accuracy. It can learn new commands as well. It automatically saves commands making sure accuracy is achieved the right way.

Being a good secretary means being prepared, efficient, and well organized. By improving and perfecting your communication and organization skills, you can become an expert secretary and an indispensable part of a team, making your employment more engaging, secure, and enjoyable. With the SpeechExec 10, it’s possible to become the best at your game.

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