lfh7400 speechexec-for-smartphonesOptimize your workflow with a dictation management platform that unites voice recording, speech recognition, and file routing in one seamless solution.

In these difficult economic times, it is imperative for law firms to implement technology focusing on the time-efficiency of every attorney. Meeting the competitive demands of client services, and the associated document production and communication that go with it, requires a new level of productivity. Digital dictation has dramatically matured in the last few years and is rapidly being embraced by many law firms to address this need. In law firms, time is everything, and the transformation of thoughts and words into immediate action is increased by the use of digital dictation and workflow management software.

Speech Recognition Workflow Enhancement:
Philips Speech Processing provides a complete integrated workflow solution for lawyers who embrace the use of speech recognition. Notwithstanding the many advantages of digital dictation, the inclusion of speech recognition (i.e. Dragon NaturallySpeaking) brings a new dimension of document workflow productivity to today’s busy attorney.

Attorneys have discovered the speed of “capturing the spoken word” for immediate communication to anyone from anywhere at any time is what digital dictation is all about. Nothing is faster or more productive. Attorneys can now record lengthy meetings and depositions, easily attach voice files to email, attach documents to dictation files sent for transcription, and integrate with client/matter information from document management systems. Dictations are instantly delivered over the network, ready for immediate action.

Blending Typing and Dictation Boosts Productivity:
Additional good news is that even attorneys in the habit of doing much of their own typing realize digital dictation complements the use of their keyboard, it does not compete. In fact, the “blending” of dictation and typing improves the productivity of attorneys who benefit from the synergy of using both. Best of all, the simple combination of using the right input method for the matter at hand – keyboard or voice – is easily integrated allowing documents and dictation to travel together to an administrative assistant for easy and fast processing.

Use your Smartphone for Dictation:
The busy lawyer also requires a high level of action when out of the office. Blackberry, iPhone and Android applications are now available from Philips Speech Processing to complement digital dictation workflow; lawyers appreciate the opportunity to use their PDA as a dictation device, removing the need to carry a separate piece of equipment.

In summary, digital dictation and workflow software ties it all together and allows law firms to combine the speed of capturing dictation digitally with the flexibility of moving files in a systematic and controlled manner. The result is more billable hours without increasing staff.

The bottom line is that digital dictation benefits the firm. Best of all, the client is served with more speed and quality.

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