philips dictation at ACTEISAt the heart of an economic and legal environment that is constantly evolving, the profession of lawyer is subject to intensive working conditions. In its quest for excellence, the ACTEIS law firm is optimizing its productivity with Philips digital dictation solutions.
ACTEIS is a firm with a human scale, comprising around ten lawyers, partners and associates as well as an experienced administrative team. Xavier Lecomte is a partner and is President of CARPA – Caisse Autonome des Règlements Pécuniaires des Avocats – the fund for financial payments by barristers, in Toulouse. Being open to new technological developments, he very quickly opted for digital dictation to manage all the document production and to provide his office with greater flexibility and efficiency in its work process.

Overcoming the obsolescence of analogue

Previously, the firm dictated its reports on magnetic tapes and regularly faced problems with the quality of transcription. They had to deal with poor sound quality and difficulties in handling the equipment. For Xavier Lecomte, the reasons for moving to digital were “to obtain greater practicability and flexibility in use of the device, but also to ensure the reliability and integrity of the information”; the office holds sensitive and confidential client information. Mr. Lecomte also needed to have the support of a solution that allows for the immediate transmission of dictation.

The existing technologies were updated in 2015 with the digital voice recorder Philips Pocket Memo 8200 and the SpeechExec software, an all-in-one solution for the management of the documentation workflow.

Ease of use for improved productivity

The organizational efficiency and optimization of working conditions are two decisive performance factors for ACTEIS. Once a document has been dictated, Xavier Lecomte simply rests his voice recorder on the docking station and the SpeechExec software undertakes the automatic dispatch of the dictation to the allocated transcriptionist. The latter is immediately informed of the arrival of the document by an alert that appears in the transcription software, thus accelerating the production of legal documents. In addition, “SpeechExec allows dictations to be classified according to priority.” The prioritization of documents to be dealt with according to their criticality provides an optimal level of improvement for the organization and the workload distribution of the administrative resources.

Being very easy to use, the Philips dictation solutions do not interrupt a company’s workflow, in fact “even those who are the least open to digital technologies very easily adapt to them”. They have brought flexible and agile support to the lawyers’ working conditions, whilst guaranteeing an optimal client service “during my frequent absences on business or following my client meetings, I am able to record my ideas or information obtained and then to send them immediately for transcription”. This process enables Xavier Lecomte to remain productive even when on the move, avoiding loss of time and guaranteeing the perfect reliability of information when files are being put together.

“Philips gives us real ease of use as well as a perceptible improvement in the productivity of our business”. Being high performance tools for organization optimization, the Philips digital dictation equipment is transforming the working conditions for the lawyers in the ACTEIS firm, and provides smooth support in mastering modern technological tools and developing their competitiveness.

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