The new Philips SpeechAir dictation device

Speech Processing Solutions, the global market leader in professional dictation solutions, introduces the first smart voice recorder: Wi-Fi-ready, easy to use with touch screen and slide switch, and runs on an Android operating system. Perfect ergonomics and ultra-sensitive dedicated microphones meet all the demands of a professional mobile voice recorder.

The fusion of two worlds

“Philips SpeechAir unites the best of two worlds. It’s the missing link between the world of smartphones and dictation recorders,” said Yvonne Kirsch, Business Development Manager for Australia & New Zealand at Speech Processing Solutions. The users benefit from the flexibility of an Android device with the familiar look and feel, touch screen, camera as well as WiFi and Bluetooth. “The Wi-Fi function of the SpeechAir takes the ease of sending off my dictations to a whole new level. Whereas previously I needed a cord and computer to be able to send my dictation file for transcription now I only need to be in a Wi-Fi zone to send my dictation”, says Murray Green, Brisbane-based lawyer of 30 years. SpeechAir offers a variety of possibilities: mobility, multi-functionality combined with comfort and efficiency. The dictation function? It’s certainly something to talk about. It comes with three precision microphones providing superior recording quality, ergonomic single-handed slide control operation, remote administration, long-lasting rechargeable batteries for maximum performance and maximum data security through real-time encryption. The built-in camera isn’t just for snapping quick photos, it also serves as a barcode and QR-code scanner – ideally suited for various practice areas including legal. 

IT Managers have central administrative control. The dictation app manages voice recordings on SpeechAir devices and will then transfer the data into the workflow software.

Superior sound quality and maximum security

SpeechAir’s three professional microphones guarantee the best sound quality in every recording situation. The 360° microphone is ideal for recording meetings and dictations, the directional microphone helps noise cancelation and is specifically designed for ambient-sound environments, while a third microphone allows VoIP phone calls. To ensure maximum data security, all SpeechAir recordings are encrypted. The device itself can be PIN or password protected, the camera can be locked and access to unauthorised Wi-Fi networks can be restricted. 

Philips SpeechAir features

Easy integration into existing IT systems

Lawyers are the primary target audience of SpeechAir. They value its great functionality and mobility. “When we developed Philips SpeechAir we thought of busy professionals who frequently travel or work remotely,” said Yvonne. “Thanks to the built-in functions users don’t need to get back to the office to transfer their data.”

It’s easy to integrate Philips SpeechAir with other workflow solutions such as legal practice and case management software. Software and system developers can install their own apps while users can configure SpeechAir to directly access client data. 

To learn more about Philips SpeechAir, please go to More information can also be found at or contact us on 011 887 1056


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