psp1000 speechair smart voice recorderThe SpeechAir smart voice recorder saves you time and resources by allowing you to work more flexibly than ever before. Integrated Wi-Fi functionality facilitates quick file download from any network. Recordings are encrypted in real time for maximum data security. The device also features three microphones dedicated to outstanding voice recording quality.

Superior audio quality and design
• Three dedicated microphones for optimized voice recording
• Large speaker for crystal clear audio playback
• Gorilla glass touch screen and shockproof, antimicrobial housing for durability
• Wear-free slide switch and function key for ultimate usability

Enhanced productivity
• Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, USB and VoIP to stay connected anywhere you gopsp1000 speechair
• Barcode scanner and camera for quick file association
• Docking station for fast battery charging

Designed for professionals
• Philips dictation recorder app with professional dictation features
• File encryption for maximum data security
• Dictation software for an efficient workflow
• Optional remote administration for hassle-free central administration

Build your own solution
• Software development kit (SDK) for SpeechAir customized app creation
• Hardware SDK for seamless integration into your own workflow solution
• Android OS for intuitive use and app installation

Powerhouse Dictation | Philips


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