Philips SpeechLive Productivity Tools for dictation

Need to get work done at home or after hours? Going away on a business trip? Away from the office but still need to get urgent dictations typed up? If you already have a dictation recorder or a smartphone, no need to buy a new recorder – just sign up for the Philips SpeechLive service and get your work done on the go!

The cloud-based solution saves busy professionals’ time and resources by allowing them to be more flexible and turn their voice into written documents quicker than ever before. The latest version of the solution comes with improved usability, new features and enhanced stability for an even more efficient dictation workflow.

We now have the Unlimited Advanced Business package allowing for unlimited speech recognition minutes per user per month which means you can get all your dictation converted to written documents easily and efficiently.

This is what you get when you sign up for a 24-month subscription* to the Unlimited package:

  • 10 free transcription service minutes included
  • Up to 80 users
  • 20 GB / 100 000 min online storage
  • Enhanced smartphone dictation
  • Professional online player with foot pedal operation
  • 1 free transcriptionist license
  • One-click workflow management
  • Individual assignment of typists to authors
  • Unlimited speech recognition
  • Philips SpeechExec Pro dictation and speech recognition software

*When taking this package you have to sign up and pay upfront for a 24-month contract. You then have full access to all SpeechLive features for the full contract period with no additional fees unless you utilize the Transcription service which has additional costs. SpeechLive Unlimited is also only available to Windows users not Mac.

Other benefits of SpeechLive include: 

New SpeechLive Upload Client 

The enhanced upload client automatically feeds audio files from dictation recorders straight into the SpeechLive system. The new feature works on Windows computers with all Philips devices including the Philips Pocket Memo, SpeechAir and Voice Tracers. Even customers using non-Philips audio recording devices can take advantage of this time-saving innovation. Users only need to simply plug in their dictation recorder to their PC and the files will transmit automatically.

Email notification for transcriptionists 

Another new feature of SpeechLive 8.5 is that transcriptionists receive automatic email notifications whenever new dictations arrive in their SpeechLive intray. This way transcriptionists can attend to important tasks quicker than before. “We wanted to improve the workflow capabilities for our users, to enable them to get their tasks done even quicker than before” explains Dr Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions.

Free trial with free included speech recognition minutes 

Philips provides a completely free 30-day trial of SpeechLive, where customers can test the solution themselves. The free trial includes 10 free speech recognition as well as 10 free transcription service minutes, so users can test these two additional services as well.

Try out Philips SpeechLive for yourself with a 30-day free trial. Go to and sign up today!

Contact us now for an obligation-free demonstration to learn how you will improve your efficiency and productivity through the use of our products.

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