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Just like a free diver requires skill and practice to dive deeper into the depths of the ocean, legal professionals require experience and cognition to get the most out of the legal texts. Yet, with time an expensive and finite commodity, legal professionals from candidate attorneys to seasoned legal experts, need easy access to reliable legal resources to effectively conduct their work. 

Understanding the need for legal professionals to delve deeper into the legal texts yet work harder and faster to keep pace with industry demands and client’s budgetary restrictions, provider of Lexis® Library, LexisNexis South Africa work to constantly upgrade and improve their products and services. As the most comprehensive online legal content platform in South Africa, Lexis® Library improves the ease of access legal professionals, no matter where they are in their career journey, have to legal resources such as legal texts and precedents. 

Lexis Library’s user interface platform has recently undergone a facelift. The new modern aesthetic makes navigation simpler and easier for users who will continue to access the platform via the same login with their existing details. New features and highlights include:

  • The Tables of Contents is now stacked vertically with Content Types open by default and Research Areas expanding when selected;
  • The Search List under the Table of Contents will filter through all titles listed within the Table of Contents for a quick search;
  • Moving to the top of the screen, the General Search Bar now combines the Country Selector and Pre-filter;
  • Advanced Search now includes Focus and Advanced Search options under one convenient link. Users can simply change tabs to use the different search options available;
  • Advanced search across all content, cases, legislation or gazettes is now available;
  • Legal Citator Search is located under the Advanced Search drop-down to the right of the search bar;
  • Users are able to easily view and compare previous versions of full Acts or sections of Acts;
  • The History link can now be found next to My Downloads, below the Search Bar;
  • The Support tab is located on the top-right. 

Designed with precision and intentionality as key parameters, the enhanced user interface will be launched in late 2019 and provides a broader depth and breadth of content, offering users enhanced ease of navigation to find unprecedented insight and invaluable expert commentary. Free product training is available to all Lexis Library subscribers with support offered telephonically, face-to-face on- site or via webinars. 

It is like free diving into the deep blue sea of legal insights previously unexplored. Delve deeper.

For more information visit: https://www.lexisnexis.co.za/lexislibrary#law


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