Laws governing a country are never static. Legislation is the backbone of a society. It enforces the rights and responsibilities of individuals and authorities. As society changes, so must the law, it needs to constantly improve and be amended in line with what works and what does not. 

Parliament is the national legislature of South Africa and one of its major functions is to pass new legislation, amend existing legislation and repeal old legislation. This means that there are always changes that companies and law firms need to be aware of and familiar with to ensure compliance.

“Staying up to date with current legislation can be quite daunting, yet it is essential for every industry. Sabinet’s National Legislation (NetLaw) service provides users with instant access to South African legislation, sharing information that is accurate, timely, reliable and current,” says Sanet Vos, Sabinet’s Head of Product. 

Sabinet’s National Legislation (NetLaw) covers updated and consolidated South African legislation dating back to 1910, categorised alphabetically and chronologically, with a user-friendly search function. It gives users access to Consolidated Acts, Rules and Regulations as well as drafts for public comment. These can be emailed, printed and downloaded. Cross-referencing is simplified with relevant cross-linking between sections of relevant Acts.

Sabinet’s National Legislation (NetLaw) service is updated daily as and when legislation is released. Users can also add their own notes for ease of reference and can personalise the content by grouping per topic or even per client. Related Court Forms published in the Gazette can also be easily accessed.

“We know the business of law and how crucial it is for law firms, companies and individuals to have access to this ever-changing information. Knowledge is power and conversely lack of knowledge is dangerous, especially when it comes to the laws of the land. NetLaw has taken many steps to ensure the sharing of information,” explains Vos. 

“Additionally, the comprehensive NetLaw newsletters contain an at-a-glance summary view of all new amendments, principal acts, published and draft legislation – helping to ensure your organisation always complies with the latest legislation.

This service provides email alerts whenever changes on the piece of legislation took place.  A daily updated ‘What’s New’ section indicates all changes, additions and new legislative developments.  It is also clearly marked on the piece of legislation to clearly identify where the changes took place. The related content index option makes it simple to find all act-related content, allowing you to identify relevant content applicable to your area of expertise.” says Vos. 


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