Tech Talk Legal POPIA Survey

On our Tech Talk Legal discussion series, we are going to discuss the compliance of POPIA for law firms in South Africa, not the clients but the law firm themselves.

To kick off this discussion, we have put up a survey asking 7 simple questions – 5 of which are single clicks on the available options. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

Take the survey now.

We intend to give the survey a week or so and then host the discussion on POPIA for the law firm.

Just browsing a few local law firm websites, 70% did not have a privacy policy or PAIA manual – that already tells me that “the shoemaker’s son does not wear shoes”. 

Surely as lawyers, your house needs to be in order before offering advice and solutions to your clients.

What we are hoping to achieve in this discussion series on Tech Talk Legal, is how other law firms are complying, where are law firms coming up short on compliance, how we can all learn from each other on simple systems that can help being compliant. 

In short, we learn from each other by being involved in the discussion. 

Join our LinkedIn discussion group to be included going forward. 

Neil, Louis and Malcolm


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