Sabinet Technology redefines the law

Technology is redefining the legal sector, making it easier for legal professionals to carry out their daily tasks. Online research databases, digital contracts and virtual hearings are transforming a profession that was previously known for its paper trail.

“Today the definer is technology,” says Sanet Vos, Sabinet’s Head of Product. “It is key to working smarter and faster. Sabinet has always been in the business of providing one online source for all legal material. As technology gives us more options, we continue to provide new and innovative enhancements to our product range. By continually leveraging these new technological developments as well as the knowledge of our product specialists, we improve our service offering to our users while elevating our expertise.

One example is Sabinet Judgments. “We have a database of thousands of reported and unreported judgments. Our search functionality enables users to browse by subject, keyword, case number, court, parties, judge, Act and section of an Act, providing them with advanced and speedy searching with the assurance that an expert product specialist provided input into the adding of value to the process. Attorneys, advocates and judges are compelled to consider previous judicial decisions. In fact, those entrusted with rendering justice on any level have a responsibility to ensure that they stay abreast of the latest developments in law. This includes advisors, mediators, negotiators and evaluators, who all need to remain knowledgeable, prompt and diligent at all times,” says Vos. 

Sabinet Judgments is quick and easy to use. It is also incredibly robust when it comes to searchability – showcasing important new information, updates and additions through its dedicated ‘What’s New’ section. Sabinet Judgments provides subscribers with unrivalled online access to South African judgments from the Supreme Court of Appeal, High Courts, Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court.

“Each judgment becomes a precedent, or guideline, for subsequent decisions involving similar disputes. As South African law is complicated in that we have our common law, legislation, judicial precedents (court decisions), customary law and legal academic writings, it is mandatory for lawyers to be aware of these different sources which provide the key to the content of the law,” Vos explains.

Sabinet is proud of its reputation for sourcing reliable content Sabinet Judgments links to, where applicable, NetLaw, Provincial NetLaw, Municipal By-Laws and Bargaining Council Agreements, as well as Sabinet African Journals – enabling seamless access to subscribers of these value-added products.

 “Our product specialists seamlessly connect Sabinet Judgments to other relevant sources, augmenting the way professionals work. This is done daily, monitoring and uploading judgments by court, topic and legislation. 

Sabinet invites anyone interested in enriching their knowledge of the law or wanting to work faster and smarter to register for a free demo of Sabinet Judgments.


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