Andrea Tucker

Bond origination companies not already forging a digitisation path in the present decade risk becoming obsolete, this is according to Andrea Tucker, Director, MortgageMe. Since launching in 2019, Tucker says that MortgageMe has built its offering digitally and it has intentions of continuing to evolve, innovate and build a more robust offering to effectively compete for business.

As an e4 subsidiary, Tucker says that MortgageMe has access to market-first technology, giving consumers, conveyancing attorneys, banks and estate agents access to platforms and technologies that effectively digitise many of the manual tasks associated with bond origination.

“We spent a significant amount of time researching and building a bond origination platform that directly addressed issues that consumers have with the manual process. This evolution continues as we add new service offerings and functionality, while tweaking the existing systems too.”

Currently, MortgageMe is one of the most progressive bond origination platforms available today: “Our goal upfront was to put mortgage origination in the hands of consumers, and we’ve managed to deliver on that. We are gaining momentum and have plans to announce two exciting additional integration points soon,” says Tucker.

Digitisation addresses issues ranging from customer experience, asset quality and regulatory compliance, to overall efficiencies and cost management: “A fully digitised bond origination process can provide significant value to bond applicants. Competing to gain customers using products and services is no longer enough. Consumers are now empowered to take bond origination into their own hands thanks to the advances in technology, but it was our responsibility at MortgageMe to ensure this process was a seamless and simple one,” says Tucker.

According to the Walker study, Customers 2020, customer experience will overtake product and pricing as a key brand differentiator. It reports that a focus on customer experience improves customer satisfaction, customer retention, brand value and ultimately, sales.

“We are confident that MortgageMe will continue leading as the most progressive technology-backed bond origination service in South Africa. Our focus is not only on digitising all services, but also on introducing integration services to allow more stakeholders to benefit from the solution. This will position our brand as innovative and forward-thinking,” says Tucker.


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