xpressdocsNow you can easily add client-facing templates to your website using XpressDox document assembly server version. For example, you might want to publish some simple legal agreements as a service to your clients, such as an Offer to Purchase, a Will, a Domestic Employment Agreement, etc.

Or you may want to publish more complex templates, which are sold online. Some clients have also used XpressDox to create a take-on form for new clients, so the client enters their information themselves.

What makes the system even more exciting is that templates can be launched from pictures on your website. For those firms that simply want to be able to run templates from a branch office, home, or a hotel room, XpressDox also offers a browser version. Templates can be stored on-premise, or they can be hosted on the XpressDox secure server. Pricing for the XpressDox server version begins at R195 per month including hosting.

Contributed by:
Chris Pearson
Email: chris@xpressdox.com
URL: http://www.xpressdox.com
XpressDox is a product of O2Smart


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