instasecure imageInstasecure protects confidential documents outside your office.
The exchange of sensitive corporate information and IP with connected stakeholders, co-employees, customers and partners has become a fundamental requirement for competitive business operations. While this brings in speed and competitivenes to the business, it also exposes a major security threat to businesses dealing with extrenely sensitive and confidential information like the Legal industry.

At a time when digital information is increasingly leaving the fortress, InstaSecure offers a core technology that addresses the growing challenge of protecting corporate documents for both secure information sharing and collaboration applications. Using Instasecure one can control the access of documents to specific users, track its usage and ensure only the authorized users have access to it. It also allows tracking any suspicious activity on the documents and gives author the right to revoke access anytime. To know more about Instasecure, please contactTarun Matta at


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