winscribe_logoKey executives being mobile with access to business applications is important to more and more organisations today. As the ‘must-have’ iPhone spreads from consumers to the ranks of professional users, it has been added to the list of mobile communication tools supported by the WinScribe Mobility Suite.

Organisations with increasing numbers of iPhone users can now enjoy the benefits of an advanced digital dictation workflow system with fully integrated applications to enable total document control on the go.iphone_winscribe

The first of its kind – functionality paired with security Whilst there are already tools for making simple recordings on an iPhone and sending them, security has previously been a problem with the files being sent in an unsecured email. WinScribe for iPhone represents the first digital dictation application that allows dictation to be sent directly to a WinScribe server through a secure HTTPS transmission to meet the requirements for secure client data transmission.

Full workflow integration WinScribe’s iPhone application has been designed to integrate with the WinScribe version 4.0 digital dictation and workflow system, enabling users to effectively manage the dictation and transcription process from anywhere; sending dictations, monitoring the process of sent jobs and receiving and reviewing transcribed text.

Streamlined workload Since WinScribe for iPhone communicates directly with the WinScribe server whenever internet connection is present, voice files are being uploaded immediately which is a big advantage compared to digital portable devices that have to be docked in order to transmit the files. This means that wherever your authors are, dictation is instantly available to transcription staff allowing for a more streamlined workload without peaks and troughs.

Faster document turnaround through optional speech recognition integration With the option of an integrated speech recognition solution authors are able to have their dictation automatically routed for speech recognition processing resulting in faster document turnaround time.

Innovative Features In addition to the benefits that come with the full workflow integration at the click of a button, WinScribe for iPhone users can tap into a whole range of innovative features such as:

Inserting and over-writing dictations from the iPhone
Workflow routing directly to a secretary or transcription team
Dictation job listing and profiling
Near real-time job status monitoring
Shake to record
Selectable audio quality
Online/Offline functionality
Selectable network transmission methods
Availability in English, French and German
Scalability of font size for ease of reading

How it works After a voice file is captured over an iPhone and sent, WinScribe for iPhone uses the WinScribe Pocket PC web service to connect to the WinScribe database. This secure connection enables support staff to receive the dictation immediately for transcription. The connection to the WinScribe server also allows the author to view dictations sent through iPhone, check job statuses, and view transcribed text and other accompanying notes and information. With this web service based approach organizations can take full advantage of all the benefits of a complete and centralized digital dictation and workflow solution.

Models supported WinScribe for iPhone supports iPhone devices* running iPhone OS v. 3.1.3 and above, including:
iPhone | iPhone 3G | iPhone 3GS | *Can also be run on an iPod Touch but requires headset and microphone

How to get started?

  • Download the WinScribe for iPhone application from the Apple Application store (
  • As an existing WinScribe customer you simply add the iPhone as an input device to your mobility suite. As a newcomer to dictation you can subscribe to and establish an OnDemand account to sample the full functionality of managed digital dictation.

For more information call 011 887 1056, email or visit


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