gomobi-logoQuestion: What do the following 14 visionary mobile operators, network and device manufacturers, and internet content providers have in common? Ericsson; GSM Association; Hutchinson3; Microsoft; Nokia; Orascom Telecom; Samsung Electronics; Syniverse; T-Mobile; Telefonica Moviles; Telecom Italia; Visa; and Vodafone.

Answer: They are all founders of dotmobi and goMobi! Helping businesses and individuals reach the world’s billions of mobile phone users, and now available in South Africa.

The Mobile Explosion
According to a 2011 research report by World Wide Worx, supported by First National Bank, over six million South Africans are now using their mobile phones to surf the internet and look for goods and services. These numbers are increasing by the day, and constitute the primary way for many of these users to access the internet. ‘Law Firms simply must respond’, according to Lex Faure, one of the Directors of goMobi SA.

goMobi is a service that makes your Law Firm or business easily available to mobile users with a fast and easy mobile website. It complements and works together with your existing desktop site to make sure your clients are getting the most appropriate experience for their context and their device. Your clients can get immediate access on their mobile phone to all the key information about your practice or business and are able to contact you with just one click or touch.

View your desktop website through a smartphone
Try this out on a number of smart phones, if possible, to get a good impression. How does it look? Not too good is it? That’s primarily because it was not designed to do so, with a desktop website having a much larger screen size for starters. But your website is not alone in this, recent studies have shown that only 0,5% of websites are mobile compliant.

The solution? Spend thousands on designers or get goMobi!

Essential goMobi Features

  • You can try goMobi for FREE for 21 days!
  • Reputable – founded by the some of the worlds leading Companies
  • Customized – your choice of text to accompany the available icons.Therefore also suitable for Afrikaans or any other language mobile website.
  • Fast and easy to Set-up, or we can do it for you.
  • Includes a free dotmobi ( .mobi ) domain name for your mobile website, hosted by dotmobi
  • Device Atlas, acknowledged as the worlds foremost device locator, is embedded in your desktop site (either by your webmaster or we can do it for you). This detects the nature of the device trying to ‘reach’ your desktop website, and provides automatic redirection to your goMobi mobile site
  • Transcending code- also embedded on the desktop-website -any updates to the desktop website are automatically reflected on the smartphone (goMobi) website
  • ‘One click’ calling, on the ‘Contact us’ feature- handy when on the go
  • ‘Find us’ features a google location map to find the location of your business
  • Full link to desktop website-also by having an icon on your desktop site, you make readers aware that you have a ‘mobile friendly’ version, for when on the go.
  • goMobi therefore supplements and complements your existing desktop site, which contains the full information you wish to convey to clients.


Can you Afford not to go Mobile?
It costs you nothing to try it out! Try goMobi for FREE for 21 days!
goMobi only costs R149 per month, with no contracts. Allowing you to focus on your business, while the mobile website works to bring in more clients.

With over 70% of executives and decision makers now using smart phones in South africa, can your Law Firm afford not to?

Visit and register your goMobi subscription contact Lex Faure at 073 238 8377 for further information.

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