nashua mobileIf you’re a Nashua Mobile customer why not get your new phone set up at your office or at home or even while you are on holiday at the coast, so you can get on with the things that are really important to you, while we do what is important to us: saving you time, saving you money and putting you first.

Nashua Mobile’s ultra-mobile Smart Squad is an innovative service that’s grown out of an existing service, previously only available for major corporate clients and VIP customers. This on-site support is now available for anyone within a reasonable distance from Nashua Mobile’s major regional offices, at a time and place that’s convenient to the customer.

The Smart Squad features 12 agents providing mobile support in Greater Gauteng, Durban, Bloemfontein and Cape Town. There are six Smart Squad vehicles in Jo’burg, and two vehicles each in the other three regions. The team is supported by a dedicated specialist in the Bloemfontein Call Centre, who sets up the appointments in real-time.

Nashua Mobile CEO Mark Taylor says time has become an increasingly scarce commodity, creating a definite need for customers to get support from a highly qualified specialist in a time and place that suits their hectic schedule. “Customers simply do not have the time to drive to a retail store to have their devices set up or questions answered, so we created a solution that is responsive, adaptable and highly qualified to assist with any and everything that’s thrown our way,” says Taylor.

This service is unique in the telecommunications market, and another way that Nashua Mobile is differentiating itself as the service provider of choice.

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Nashua Mobile, a wholly-owned subsidiary of JSE-listed Reunert Limited Group (, is one of South Africa’s largest independent telecommunications service providers.
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