Olympus recmicWith the introduction of the new RecMic Series Olympus introduces the next generation of stationary dictation devices. These new devices take Olympus´ already powerful stationary dictation device line-up to the next level with innovative new features and a powerful new software solution providing complete centralized management of the devices.

The RecMic name replaces the existing DirectRec brand and will help make speech processing technology a global standard working practice.


Outstanding quality combined with even better usability
The RecMic series carries over all the well-known and appreciated features from the DirectRec range, such as a fully customizable user interface, outstanding ergonomics and first-class microphone performance. Even the maximum 6-Dragon rating for speech recognition accuracy awarded to the DirectRec Series by Nuance, manufacturer of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, has been transferred to RecMic.

A completely new feature to the range is the “Click-Lock” function for the devices in the range which include a trackball. This feature makes PC-control with a RecMic device more intuitive than ever before, making it easy to highlight and move objects on the screen – an action which can be notoriously clumsy when using a device with a trackball.

The ideal stationary dictation device for both: Users and IT
Alongside the outstanding usability offered by the RecMic devices, Olympus has also made the administration and configuration of the devices easier than ever before. For users who want to configure their own devices, the Device Configuration Manager now includes a powerful set-up wizard. This means users can be up and running with their device in a matter of minutes. For larger, centrally-managed IT environments, Olympus also now provides a powerful solution for the central administration and configuration of RecMic devices – the RecMic Administration Center.

The RecMic Administration Center enables IT Administrators to pre-define and, if desired, lock the configuration of all RecMic devices in their organization from a central administration tool. Making a change to the environment has therefore never been easier. If you need to change a configuration on the RecMic for all or certain users, all that is now required is to change the setting once in the administrator console and deploy the change to the desired users. Firmware updates can also be deployed centrally, ensuring all devices in your environment are always fully up to date.

RecMic – the perfect device for your speech processing requirements
The RecMic Series carries over all the advantages of the DirectRec range, such as unbeatable usability and speech recognition accuracy. This combined with the powerful RecMic Administration Center forms the next generation of stationary dictation.
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