searchworks logo v2SearchWorks, the well-known search application offered by LAW Data Solutions, recently launched their highly anticipated SearchWorks Version 2 to rave reviews by clients.

LAW Data Solutions prides itself on providing their clients with the best available search applications and continues to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. It was for these reasons that the popular solution has evolved and the management team made the decision to launch SearchWorks Version 2.

In February clients were introduced to the new version which offers an updated interface and increased browsing speed. In addition, seven new search types were created and various functionality enhancements were introduced to the updated platform, reducing the time associated with executing a search and its provision to the associated recipient.

Since launching in February, clients, who were provided with online training material for the updated SearchWorks, have been delighted with the new look. According to their feedback, they were more than satisfied that the updated simple-to-use search solution now provides users with an even better experience than before.

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