chrometa logoChrometa recently released the new version 4 of their time capture system for attorneys. Some changes included in this update are: Automatically creates time billing within Outlook or Gmail, Cell phone support, Simpler time entries, Better time tracking and Tean time tracking, to mention a few.

Here’s a rundown of the 7 new features we want to make sure you’re aware of. Please hop on Live Chat (now available via and within the app itself) if we can be of assistance.

Get Paid to Send E-Mails…

Our new time capture plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Mac Mail create time entries for you automatically. They show you the amount of time you spent on each e-mail, along with the e-mail address of whom you sent the e-mail to or who it was from.

Result: you capture billable time spend on e-mail correspondence. No need to hit a timer — all this is done automatically for you.

Please download your complimentary email plugin here:

• Microsoft Outlook (Windows only)
• Gmail
• Mac Mail – already bundled into our new Mac download.

Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry Call Capture…

According to our research, it’s likely that you lose track of a significant portion of billable time that you spend on your smartphone. In a billable hour world, every lost second hurts you financially.

Chrometa’s new smartphone time capture solves this problem by turning your phone calls into billable time entries automatically. You can then send these entries to a timesheet, invoice, or billing system with one click of the mouse.

Please watch our smartphone demo videos and tutorials for:

• Chrometa for Android App
• iPhone (& BlackBerry, Windows Mobile) Call Tracking

The Fastest Way to Send Professional-Looking Invoices…

You probably wouldn’t mind getting paid by your clients faster after invoicing them for all your hard work. We designed our new Invoicing Tool to bypass the usual payment collection hassle.
After capturing all of your billable time automatically, Chrometa can create your entire months’ worth of invoices with the click of a mouse. Each invoice looks professional — with your firm’s logo if you choose. And best of all, it’s a snap for your clients to pay you directly online.

Please watch a short demo of our new Invoicing Tool now.

Simplified Time Entries…

Previous versions of Chrometa recorded time in increments of one second. In Version 4.0, we’ve changed Chrometa to record time in increments of one minute. This way, we can reduce your time entries to a manageable number, avoiding confusion and complexity.

Improved Tracking Accuracy…

We have continued to put a lot of work into our Mac and Windows time collectors.

If you had experienced any previous issues with regards to tracking accuracy, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest versions of Mac and/or Windows, just uninstall your current version, and grab the latest here:
• Chrometa for Windows
• Chrometa for Mac

Team Time Tracking…

With Chrometa for Teams, you can share common Clients, Projects, and Rules with your entire workgroup. You can also create Team Timesheets and Team Invoices.

For more details on setting up Chrometa for Teams, click here:

Start Using Chrometa 4.0 Today

Chrometa 4.0 can help you save time, increase the accuracy of your time tracking, and help you get paid for every billable minute you work.

Current Chrometa subscribers can log into Chrometa at to begin taking advantage of these new features immediately.

New users can use Chrometa free for 14-days by visiting and clicking the Download link.

Contribributed by:
Brett Owens
CEO and Co-Founder, Chrometa – Track your time without notes or timers


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