BLTSIn today’s fast paced world, employees and employers need access to files, applications and reports from anywhere and from any device – this might sound simple. But those resources reside in the private cloud, the public cloud and on the user’s devices. Add the VPN’s, hundreds of passwords, BYOD scenarios and the need to connect on any device anywhere, and the problem gets even more complex for the end user and IT.

webNetwork addresses these complexities by introducing a Unified Cloud computing environment.

A Unified Cloud delivers private cloud, public cloud and local device resources through a common webDesktop with a single password.

Stone-ware’s webNetwork enables IT to achieve the following:

• Securely manage all access to all business data and reports, regardless of user device or location.
• To create a Unified Cloud for the firm and provides the users secure, browser based access to their files, applications and reports from any device with one single password
• Provides a consistent experience across devices through an HTML5 webDesktop
• Provide secure remote access to reports, files and applications without a VPN
• Leverage the directory to deliver public, private and local resources through a single password
• Reduce technology acquisition costs by enabling BYOD (bring your own device) and extending hardware refresher cycles
• Shrink helpdesk costs by decreasing the number of password reset calls
• webNetwork is a web-based delivery platform meaning that psychical data does not reside on the end user device. Thus decreasing the risk of security breaches.

webNetwork is proudly distributed by: Blue Label Technology Solutions

For further information, visit or call us on: 011 467-1475. Alternatively, contact Eugenie McCloskey on 074 146 4743 or

Founded by Tito Pereira in 2003, the Blue Label Technology Solutions (BLTS) is a South African-based Software Distributor of specialized quality management solutions, aimed to assist with solution formulation and delivery of our management software to re-sellers, service providers and our customers. BLTS have exclusive distribution rights of a carefully selected range of software solutions. These distribution rights include South Africa and all other Sub-Saharan African countries.
We combine the best of local capabilities with the International product portfolio by affording our customers, partners and re-sellers a choice of a selected range of renowned international brands and solutions which address every level of the below: Systems Lifecycle Management | Endpoint Security Management | Management Automation Platform | IT Service Management | Cloud platform and delivery Solution | Print Optimization management and Cost recovery


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