Law Practice ZA

LawPracticeZA is attractive and easy to use – but don’t be deceived. Although LawPracticeZA makes managing matters a breeze, recording fees quick and easy and produces beautiful and professional proformas and invoices in seconds, the powerful and secure server ensures efficiency.

Complete integration with automation and controls ensures that proper business and trust accounts are kept up to date and accurate.

But you can evaluate LawPracticeZA for yourself. Head over to Getting Started and within seconds you will have your own private copy of LawPracticeZA, with some sample data to play with, and complete documentation. No hardware or software to load, instant access via your browser, whether using an Apple Mac, PC, Tablet or smartphone. Connect from anywhere, at home or at the office.

No pressure, but if you decide to go live, you can do it yourself. One click removes all the test data and you can import data from your existing system.

Anytime you need help call LawPracticeZA. Recently from a client: “1) If I can work your system (as someone with zero accounting experience) – it must be amazing 2) the incredible customer service and support I’ve been receiving.”. Check out the testimonials on the website for other references, many from firms who converted from legacy systems.

Special Offer to Tech4Law readers…

Special promotion for one month only. If you use the promo code Tech4Law when signing up for LawPracticeZA, if you decide to subscribe, you will receive a 10% discount off the monthly subscription (price calculator on website) for the first 10 months.


Developed by Andrew Spagnoletti and Nitric Software Laboratory. Andrew founded AJS in the late 70’s, developed the AJS Legal Accounting and Practice Management system in 1980, sold AJS in 2000 to a JSE-listed company,  then joined Korbitec in 2004 to develop Ghost Practice, retiring from Korbitec (Korbicom) in 2010.

During the past several years Andrew has been working with Nitric to develop LawPracticeZA.

Nitric Software Laboratory has since 2000 been working on a wide variety of custom business operations systems, written in mostly Python. In recent years they’ve come to specialise in legal tech, working on LawPracticeZA legal practice software and SpotOn compliance management software. They also make a product called Master Penny for the effective management of arts and entertainment organisations which is in production at sites ranging from Alexander Bar & Theatre to the University of Johannesburg.


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