AJS Sign In screen for v3

AJS has released version 3 of its market-leading web-based accounting and practice management software. “This reinforces our position as the leader in the South African legal accounting and practice management market,” said Digby Vickers, director at AJS. “Version 3 is even faster than before, which is remarkable for a web application. We have also introduced the concept of mega menus, which make it quicker for users to get to the function they need, and we have simplified a number of the screens. And to make it easier for new users to learn and use, we’ve added additional help and tutorial videos at the appropriate places in the system,” he added.

To ensure that existing users don’t get left behind, AJS is introducing the new functionality into the system gradually.  Another advantage of AJS’ web-based system is that it can be hosted in office, or with AJS, or even with a Cloud provider of the client’s choosing.

“Although we experienced an uptick in requests for hosting from the beginning of this year, the Covid crisis has really accelerated the shift to hosted software for many firms. This makes total sense when one considers that hosted AJS doesn’t need a server, and that AJS manages your backups and your anti-virus software. It really does reduce costs and provide peace of mind, which is why more than half of our AJS clients are now hosted with us,” said Vickers.

For more information, email sales@ajs.co.za.


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