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Due to the wide-ranging and far-reaching implications of scientific findings and discoveries, it’s important that some kind of quality control exists to ensure, prior to publication, that the science they contain is sound. That’s where ‘peer review’ comes in. 

Peer review lies at the very heart of research and acts as a means of validating scientific research while also creating trust and verifying the integrity of research materials. 

Ultimately, peer reviewing involves a researcher’s ‘peers’ (typically individuals with similar fields of study or competencies) evaluating the quality of the work a researcher has done, ensuring that any premises, methodologies, and conclusions reached are done so with the scientific rigour required to make them meaningful. 

The process, from start to finish, can be tricky and time consuming. Submitting materials, coordinating multiple reviews, circulating submission material ,drawing up reports timeously, and seeking approval from relevant sources, can be a daunting task. 

…but it doesn’t have to be.  

At Sabinet, we obviously understand the importance of a well functioning peer review process. But, beyond that, we also understand the frustration that publishers face when it comes to streamlining this process and ensuring quick turnaround times.

With Sabinet’s PowerReview system, publishers can drive effective online publishing while simultaneously improving efficiency and increasing throughput along the way. With its simple, 5-step, guided process, PowerReview ensures that submission of a for-review document as well as its supporting materials is simple. Also, by providing a workflow which tracks key information during the peer review process, editors will be able to keep tabs on where a document is as well as when it might reach its next destination. 

This kind of automation circumvents admin and ends up saving these editors about 25% of the time they’d typically take following a document through the peer review process.  

With its customisable and adaptable workflow, various automation offerings, and widespread integration with other services already out there, PowerReview is the way forward for publishers looking to power up the way they work.

Sabinet also offers PowerReview to its users for a fixed fee in local currency per year, meaning that cost-conscious publishers no longer have to worry about the fluctuating exchange rate. On top of this, Sabinet also offers local training to users wanting to find their feet in PowerReview and, in the event of an issue, has staff resources more than happy to assist in resolving these. 

PowerReview assures its publishers of an expert peer review process, a reliable and practical online publishing solution, time-saving during the review process, and cost-effectiveness

To learn more about how PowerReview can power up the way you peer review, click here.


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