ajsLaw Firms who make use of the AJS financial and management systems who also make use of Korbitec’s GhostConvey will be pleased to hear that integration between the two products is being developed. “It is confirmed that the software integration between the AJS financial and management system and the GhostConvey system will be developed in the interests of all concerned” said Johan Venter – director of O2Smart.

This development will greatly enhance both product sets as it will avoid unnecessary ghostconveyduplication in capturing data when processing property matters. Korbitec’s General Manager for GhostConvey, Mari van Wyk added that “It makes sense that although Korbitec and O2Smart are competitors, the clients using both systems should be provided with a choice of which product best fits the needs of a legal practice.” Both vendors are aiming to have the integration in place by the end of 2008.


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