Shepherd and Wedderburn installs XpressDox

AJS is very proud to announce that another large and prestigious Law Firm has implemented its XpressDox product successfully. “We are seeing an increased amount of interest in our XpressDox offering over the last year or so and we are proud to say that we are able to deliver on all the high expectations that go along with a world class document assembly package” says AJS director Chris Pearson.

“It is hugely encouraging for us to be regarded as internationally competitive technologically” continues Pearson. The international market is extremely competitive and the large corporate law firms demand only the very best in product and service, so this is another feather in our cap.”

Here is a brief description of the project: 
Leading UK firm Shepherd and Wedderburn recently implemented XpressDox throughout all 5 of their branches. The team at Shepherd and Wedderburn specialise in a diverse range of legal services, and pride themselves on excellent legal service to clients.

Having recently been positioned as No. 1 in the UK for service delivery and responsiveness, Shepherd and Wedderburn decided to further improve efficiency by introducing a document automation system.

XpressDox was chosen for its flexibility as well as its reasonable pricing model. In August 2016, Chris Pearson and Melanie Cilliers from XpressDox visited their head office in Edinburgh to provide 5 days of advanced training, as well as configure the program according to Shepherd and Wedderburn’s specific needs. Since then Shepherd and Wedderburn have been authoring their own templates and have trained up additional staff members themselves to continue the development of templates.

Shepherd and Wedderburn have also made use of the XpressDox API to develop their own integration between their templates and the Companies House system (this is the UK’s equivalent to our CIPC in South Africa).

Shepherd and Wedderburn have confirmed that the implementation of XpressDox has saved huge amounts of time.

Just one example of time saving has been cited as follows by one of the users, “An Agreement which used to take a paralegal two days to complete can now be done in half an hour. This is exactly the kind of improvement in productivity that we had been searching for.”

We just wish that more of our local customers would look into the huge advantages and savings that can be derived from XpressDox.

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