A decade of advancing electronic rates processes

Buying and selling property is a complex process made all the more complicated by the sheer volume of mandatory paperwork required to...
Greg Brown

Making lifestyle audits easy practice for business

The term “lifestyle audit” has fast become a hot topic. This following a pledge by President Ramaphosa and the recent announcements by...
Greg Brown Data Service Manager at LexisNexis

What if you miss something important in your case preparation?

Whether acting for or against an individual or an organisation, there are no second chances when presenting a case to a judge....
Windeed search critical for fraud

Speedy access to comprehensive data essential in fraud investigations

With fraud representing one of the biggest threats to business, how can organisations best protect themselves and what should they do on...
Andrea Tucker Business Applications Head at e4

Automation trend addresses operational agility at e4

An increasing amount of local businesses are looking for more innovative ways to improve long term operational agility. Andrea Tucker, Business Applications...

A Free Online Legal Document Drafting Tool For NPO’s Launches

Epoq Legal (South Africa), a pioneer of online legal services, is proud to announce the launch of JusDraft....

An app to make B-BBEE compliance easier

Broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) is an aspect of business that has to be complied with. However, many struggle with creating an...
Softlog integrates with practice management systems in law firms

Is Your Cost Recovery System Speaking to Your Practice Management System?

Utlising different software solutions that don’t ‘speak to one another’ is inefficient, expensive, and unfortunately rather ubiquitous. It often means that simple tasks that...
Sheriff areas in South Africa

Sheriff Service Areas for South Africa

It took the founding members of Domicilium Trace 4 years, on a full-time basis, to compile a complete digital spatial database (digital map) of...
Woodpecker document template tool

Using Woodpecker to Expedite Legal Paperwork in Emergency Situations

Sometimes paperwork is more than just a tedious legal task—in Juvenile Magistrate Robin Gunn’s line of work, it’s the lifeline for removing children from...