Jira Core in the law firm

Whatever your law firm requirements, if there’s a process or a workflow involved, JIRA Core can help you get things in a more orderly state. Your firm or even your clients have teams, who are responsible for legal documentation, licensing, non-disclosure agreements and all the things required to make sure the organisation complies with all required local, national and international regulations.

Keeping track of all the requests, requirements, reviews and outstanding approvals can be quite tough, but by setting up a JIRA Core project and configuring it to how you work can help manage the work, and keep you on top of things.

Jira Core offers project templates which allow the creation of your law firm template precedents which help enforce compliance for your law firm document standards. With somebody dedicated to controlling and creating the templates in your firm, it allows peace of mind for the paralegals and partners knowing that the documents they are using are part of the standard precedents for the firm.

Workflows dictate how the project moves through various steps in the process – even it is as simple as starting with a “To Do List”, then “In Progress” and lastly “Done”. The workflow can be as simple of as complex as you need, this automated workflow allows team members to follow set processes without even knowing the next step.

The system allows you to view not only your tasks, but also other team members at the firm, no more playing email tag through “reply to all” messages.

Team members are notified through the system and email when their attention is needed on a project.

The search system offers a full index search.

Reports and monitoring dashboards make tracking your team a simple task, just the status of the open jobs via the dashboard create a very clear overview of your team’s performance.

Pricing is $10 (R136 as of today) for 10 users per month – to start off with, and even better, there is a 30-day free evaluation period. For a productivity tool that offers so much, that price is an absolute bargain.

For more information visit the Jira website at https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/core


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