LexNove Kyle Torrington and Andrew TaylorLexNove seeks to disrupt the legal industry and has launched an innovative online platform where high quality legal service providers will bid – at free market, fixed prices – to do the users’ legal work. In so doing, we bring fixed price, high quality legal services to the market segment that needs it most – small to medium sized businesses, which is in stark contrast to the current situation, where access to high quality legal services is largely restricted to large corporates and wealthy individuals.

LexNove, which launched on 9 July 2015, is a revolutionary new concept, in Africa and possibly the world, making waves in an industry which hasn’t seen disruption since it stopped using full head judicial wigs. Our unique approach moves away from several of the inefficiencies of the “Big Law” environment, like (rented) high rise offices, huge overheads and hourly billing models, to deliver a world first, value based legal services platform, which serves the needs of the customer.

“Our vision is to dramatically transform the South African legal landscape by increasing access to, and the transparency of, high quality legal services, whilst, simultaneously providing more certainty to the consumer as to their cost exposure, something never seen before in traditional legal environments” says Kyle Torrington, LexNove’s COO.

LexNove Homepage

Above image: This is the LexNove homepage, which provides a brief overview of the website and services offered.

Industry pundits have likened the system to a “carefully crafted blend of Uber for lawyers and Match.com, allowing users to find the perfect service provider to match their pocket and their expectations”.

LexNove was founded by two ex-practicing attorneys, and graduates of the Ignitor Start-up Accelerator Program, who have recruited a world leader in IT Cloud Solutions to blend deep industry knowledge with the smartest technology available. The Team believes that LexNove is the answer to restoring the nation’s faith in the legal industry and the end of- at least a few- lawyer jokes.

The LexNove platform allows users to submit a description of their legal problem, receive a free early case assessment by qualified legal professionals, who guide the user through the creation of a project brief. The project brief is then submitted to a panel of pre-vetted service providers who bid, at fixed prices, to assist the user in the resolution of their legal problem, which is conducted, safely and securely through our unique online ecosystem. All project funds are protected by bank grade security in our third party escrow facility, giving users and service providers peace of mind and comfort in the knowledge that the funds are only released once the work has been done.

It’s Law, Just Made Simple.

LexNove, which loosely means “New Law” in Latin is a Johannesburg based tech start-up, born of the founders’ love for tech-entrepreneurship and a shared commitment to changing the way South Africans access high quality legal services. See www.lexnove.co.za or email info@lexnove.co.za for more.


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