block unwanted callsIn recent months I have been plagued by repeated calls from 031 833 2707 to my mobile phone. When I answer, there is no one on the other side and the call almost immediately hangs up, so it is most likely an auto-dialler gone wrong.

“Why don’t you just look at the screen and cut the call off?” I hear you say. I could do that, but it wouldn’t stop the call reaching me in the first place, or waking me up. It is annoying, and to make matters worse there is pretty much nothing one can do about it, since South African opt out legislation has no teeth whatsoever.

The number apparently traces back to iWyze, which is owned by Old Mutual. Perhaps one solution would be to call Old Mutual’s MD repeatedly at all times of the day, and then hang up when he answers. (Has anyone got Bruce’s mobile phone number at hand?) And no, I am not being serious. While this option might give you satisfaction knowing you have had your revenge, it is not a sustainable solution!

There is another way to make sure you get a good night’s sleep, and that is to block the number on your cell phone.

If you have an iPhone, go to “RECENTS”, select the offending number from the list, click on the ‘I’ for information, then scroll down and select “BLOCK THIS CALLER”. It’s that simple.

If you have an Android phone, from the recent call log select the number you want to block, then hit the three-dot menu in the upper right of the screen and choose “Add to reject list”. This will disable incoming calls from these specific numbers.

To block a contact on a Windows Phone, open the call list, press and hold the number you want to block for a few seconds. A small menu will appear, select the “Block number” option.

Remember to keep a backup of your list of blocked callers though, or you’ll need to start all over again if your phone gets lost or damaged!

Contributed by:
Chris Pearson
O2Smart Group of Companies


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