PCMag Best of Tech and Services 2023

The stalwart army of analysts at PCMag create a lot of content, but their primary focus is testing and reviews, reviews, reviews. That means repeatedly unboxing, using, benchmarking, comparing, documenting, shipping, and painstakingly writing about as many products and services as we possibly can to help you find the right technology. You can trust that our top picks come from people who know an amazing product when they see it—because we see them all. This year we’ve published close to 2,000 reviews!

The products we test range from giant TVs and exercise machines down to the tiniest chips, wearables, and tracking tags, with a plethora of phones, PCs, and peripherals in between. Plus we have plenty of thorough evaluations of games, apps, programs, and services.

We’ve once again put our own feet to the fire to pick the most stellar products of 2023 across 15 important categories. That’s 100 products and services that deliver better than the competition this year.

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