Handwritten notes from attorneys

I can’t type the word “website” without careful and focused attention on the order of every letter. I just can’t. I type like a machine gun, so by the time I’ve misspelled w-e-s-b-i-t-e for the 900th time, I’m already six words down the line, hurling toward the end of the paragraph, and I just don’t have time to fix it. Thus, autocorrect is my regular savior.

Autocorrect, generative AI bots and every other advancement from quill and parchment have brought us closer to effortlessly producing the written word — lots and lots of words, in fact. A consequence is that we receive a daily avalanche of emails, Word documents and texts. It’s the downside of the paperless office: an endless gout of communication one can never stop. So much, so many, that eventually the constant ding of your inbox turns into white noise.

A handwritten note can be a valuable tool for piercing through the white noise that surely affects your clients, too.

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