Lexpro StelselsIn a world of constant technological growth, attorneys need to be aware of all the possible solutions that the tech-world can offer their offices and work production. Let’s just think back for a moment about how a simple technological development like Internet Banking has streamlined our lives. 

The convenience that this technology has brought to the public is astonishing. No more queues, no more paperwork – literally saving you a couple of hours per week. In fact, we can’t imagine our lives without these kinds of simple technological developments anymore. Now, through cloud computing, this revolutionary and time saving technology is exactly what is being made available.
Ask yourself: Do you want to work from home, on business trips, or even from court? Do you want access to you business data while you’re on holiday? Are you tired of buying new servers for your company? Yes, then Cloud Computing might just be your answer.
Cloud Computing places all your company’s business data on a centralized server in Randburg along with loads of other cloud servers, giving you access to all your data via the internet. All you need in order to view your data is a steady internet connection and a computer (even iPad, tablet or a desktop computer will do).
The advantages are vast and dynamic. You can access your data, stored safely and securely on a state of the art server, from anywhere in the world, at massive processing speeds. Back ups are done on a daily basis by the company responsible for your server, along with software that is regularly updated. All your data / report printing can also be done from the cloud to the printer right next to you.
Lexpro Systems has clients working on the “The Cloud” for a while now and all our programs are installed within minutes. Our Consultants can be of assistance from their offices and sort out any problems much faster than before. Updates are also done with considerable ease.
This technological development has improved our company’s office efficiency and we recommend this time-efficient, cost-efficient and nearly limitless storage-space asset to all our law firms.
Lexpro Systems will gladly assist any existing clients or prospecting clients with queries regarding this revolutionary development.
Contributed by:
Muller Heyneke
Lexpro Consultant
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