Gojee iconGojee makes a lot of sense to me, normally I start rummaging through my kitchen cupboards to find what I have, before I decide what to cook. Gojee seems to think just like me…

Gojee have gathered a bunch of bloggers and asked them to put forward their favourite recipes. What makes this application even better, is that you can tell the application what you have, second you can tell it what you don’t like, thirdly you can mention what you are craving and lastly it also has a drinks section for when you want to create the next best cocktail for around the braai!

The images and the simple layout create a pretty app that is easy to navigate and understand.

When you use a recipe that you like, you can then email, Facebook Like it or broadcast it via Twitter, so that other people can use the recipe as well.

I think the main thing that I like about this app, is that it uses what you already have to create your tasty masterpiece.


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